Physiologically speaking, there are three phases of regulation of gastric (stomach) secretion & motility (bowel movement a.k.a peristalsis). These 3 phases are CEPHALIC, Gastric & Intestinal Phases. I’d just like to point out that there is really a scientific basis on how our digestive system is stimulated with the mere sight or an aroma, or taste of food or any beverage. Upon visual, olfactory (smell), gustatory (taste) stimulations, these send signal to the brain activating the “parasympathetic or cholinergic” responses. As result, the parasympathetic neurotransmitter acetylcholine will be release from the nerve endings in the head & elsewhere enough to stimulate salivation, gastric acid secretion, & bowel movement. In short, cephalic phase of gastric secretion & motility regulation is as simple as making the stomach ready for digestion. Getz? Now these medical concepts explain why even as simple as looking at photos of food, we tend to feel hungry or make us salivate, worse drool of hunger, LOL.

Enough with the blah blahs of medicine. My blog is called BEYOND TOXICITY for one reason that I don’t intend to post anything TOO medical & stick to my other interests which include FOOD ofcourse! View the rest of this post & see if there’s truth to CEPHALIC PHASE of gastric stimulation, LOL.

This afternoon, I & my wife Tina (without Gabby this time, he needed to stay home for we went to a wake before we) went to Trinoma mall in Quezon City for a much needed grocery shopping. Before doing so, we decided to eat merienda (afternoon snack) at CONTI’S.


I like the interiors of Conti’s. It’s relaxed, comfy, in cool yellow & fresh green palettes. The seats & tables are also uncomplicated for the pleasure of simple dining experience. Even the toilet, though small, is adequate with essentials & basically clean. Most of all the foods are special at Conti’s; so affordable too! The entrees are deliciously stimulating, the pastries & cakes, for the lack of better description, look good taste even better (oops, sounds like other food’s tag line!)


And my wife’s meticulous & picky taste for nice foods was satisfied. We were both content with what we ordered & promised ourselves to eat frequently at Conti’s to try something else next.

These are what we feast on…


I love PESTO. I love SEAFOODS. I love them both in pasta. This is simply delicious!

MANGO BRAVO, slice PhP 105.
This is also lovely. I love anything with mangoes, most especially if mangoes are chilled. This is one of the yummiest mango-based cakes I’ve tasted. Its sweetness is just right. It’s not irritating to the teeth. Makes you not feel guilty of eating glucose-rich. What’s interesting with this cake are its various layers that render different texture to palate. It has the usual icing, & a bit splash of chocolate, & most of all, it has layers of broas (lady fingers). Definitely a must-try whenever you visit Conti’s.

We were looking at the fridge near the counter where they keep the cakes on sale, & my eyes were glued for few minutes at the whole MANGO BRAVO cakes. I politely asked the lady at the cashier counter if I can take photos for my blog of those yummiest mango cakes but unfortunately she was clueless if i can click my cam. So I just told her, “Miss it’s Ok, never mind…” But don’t get me wrong, it was really OK (but it would be better if she said yes, considering this is FREE ADVERTISEMENT for them… I just wish she knows what blogging is, LOL, no pun intended! ) other staff especially the waiters on duty a while ago were efficient with getting orders & refilling our botomless iced teas (Php 70).

We just can’t go without pasalubong for our 4-year-old son Gabby. We opted to buy Conti’s ensaymada, PhP 25 each.

It’s surely WON’T be our last visit at Conti’s.
Can’t wait to try other food & pastries from their menu.


Conti’s Pastry Shop & Restaurant
P1 Level Trinoma
Edsa corner North Avenue, Quezon City
Tel No.: (63-2) 900-5013 / 900-5014 to 15.
Mobile : +63 922 881 9127.


3 thoughts on “CONTI’S

  1. baked salmon, roast beef, linguine in pesto w/ seafood, mango bravo, turtle pie, choco overload cake, chicken pie… LOVE LOVE!!

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