Yes, I am one of those millions of Pinoys who have social networking accounts in multiply, friendster, twitter, & the latest, Facebook (Fb). Being hook with those websites keep me sane despite daily hassles & what have you. Among them, I find Fb more user-friendly because one can do more things other than uploading photos & giving comments & testimonials. In Fb, you can kill time by answering quizzes that suit your interest, & do anything for fun.

Our 4-year-old son Gabby, my wife Tina & I are currently addicted to Superpoke Pets! in Facebook . Each of us has our own pet, mine is a panda, i named him Blake.


In Fb’s Superpoke Pets!, the “virtual pet” owner can choose from cute animals like tiger, dragon, hen, puppy, sheep, penguin, pig & a cat. Once selection is made, you can take care of it whenever possible & do things like play with it, tickle, feed & groom it & you can do same things to your friends’ pets. By doing so, you earn points which are awarded as coins that you can use for buying anything for your pet, from background/setting, to furinture, toys, etc. It’s wholesome fun! It draws me out of stress & it gives me a chance to bond with my family.


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