Filipino director Chito Roño is at his best element again in the movie T2
(short for Tenement 2).

His suspense drama movie Dahas was memorable. But his horrifying flicks have been making a mark in Philippine cinema since the remake of Patayin sa Sindak si Barbara. He also directed the movies Feng Shui & Sukob, both horror films I watched with my wife several times not only in movie houses but also on cable TV.
My wife Tina is really into these movie genres.
(FYI, our first movie date was a Michelle Pfeiffer horror movie “What Lies Beneath.”
romantic, isn’t it? LOL.)

T2 is about Claire, played by Maricel Soriano, who rans a travel agency & does volunteer job for an organization that reunites orphans with their relatives. She caught herself on the edge of separation from her husband Jeremy portrayed by Derek Ramsay. Being depressed & troubled, she decided to deliver an orphan boy to the province of Samar with their office driver Elias, played by Eric Fructuoso, through a road trip from Manila to Naga in Bicol then emabarking on a RO-RO trip (roll on/roll off) to Samar. After the boy was delivered to the province, strange things happened to Claire & Elias as they try to bring another young orphan girl from Samar to Manila. They were caught in the world of engkantos(supernaturals) while unknowingly escorting a girl who’s only half human.

SPOILER : John Lloyd Cruz appears as an important cameo being the blind father to the young orphan played by Mika dela Cruz, while Malaysian actress/model Carmen Soo acts as one of the engkantos.

The movie, in my opinion was well-researched based on the stories & myths behind engkantos told & retold to us Pinoys by our geriatric relatives. It was well-acted not only by the lead, but support especially Ms. Tetchie Agbayani who played her part effortlessly. T2 is definitely more of a suspense than a horror flick, with humor in between, better computer graphics for a Filipino film, fine cinematography & in my humble opinion, more entertaining than the past scary movies done by its director.

Now, click this link for a sneak peek..



  1. Hello there doc!
    Got here via Dennis V’s blog.
    Sounds like this is the kind of movie my hubby would enjoy. I like them too once in a while but being a female, 😉 romance, drama and comedy are my faves.
    Good day!

    1. Hi Ms. Nance! Thanks for visiting my blog. I also like Dennis’ site.
      You’re most welcome to drop by here anytime.
      I’ll link your blog with mine. Thanks!

  2. happy easter!

    medyo scary ang post mo ha, considering easter 😉

    i’ve seen this trailer and i know it’s a good movie considering this is another rono and maricel film. hindi ko lang talaga mahatak sarili kong manood ng horror. ewan ko ba, hindi naman ako duwag! but ever since i read bram stoker’s dracula in college, ibang level na imagination ko. sinasamahan ako ng mga ito even in my dreams 😦

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