I consider myself optimistic, or at least I always try to be one.
Most people associate sunrise with positivism
& sunset as with the opposite.
But a lot of people see beauty in Manila Bay sunset.
And that’s something positive.
You can’t blame them.
It’s truly poetic.

In times when most things in Manila seem to go haywire,
it’s refreshing to look at its sunset once in a while.
Dusk for me is a promise of a new day…
And everyone will agree that we have the best in Manila Bay.
If only we can appreciate it,
even amidst financial & political crises,
we’ll be reminded that there’s so much more
to hope for.

I found myself one late afternoon along Baywalk in Roxas Boulevard, Manila.
And I surrendered to the fact that Manila Bay sunset is indeed breathtaking…



those kaleidoscope lamp posts in perfect queue at the promenade add colors to the twilight…


The graying Manila skyline is always worth your glimpse, isn’t it?


2 thoughts on “TAKIPSILIM

  1. Manila Bay sunset is indeed breathtaking. I hope it remain so despite the unrelenting amount of pollutants being released in the atmosphere.

    1. Authorities here should clean up Manila Bay always, & people frequenting it should keep it pollution-free. If without collective efforts, we might wake up one day here in Manila with nothing to appreciate.
      Thanks BertN for swinging again here & dropping a comment.
      Keep it coming! I like your photoblog as well. God bless.

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