It was already Holy Monday, around half past midnight & we’re still awake.
I & my wife are still watching TV as I’m posting this.
We’re glued on the Eraserheads Reunion Concert.


I was already in pre-med when they started to lord the airwaves.

It was apparent on the faces of those thousands of pinoys
who came to witness the concert,
most of them are in their thirty-something years
that they remain to be super fanatics of Eheads.
I can’t blame them,
I’m one with them in saying that Eraserheads is until now

I like their Alapaap…
What’s your favorite Eheads song(s) ?


4 thoughts on “PHENOMENAL

  1. hi elo. i love the eheads too. i was addicted to their huling el bimbo until i started having weird dreams and that’s when i stopped. hahaha…

    btw re the human clock, just click on the human clock on my blog, you will be brought to their site, click the link “portable human clock” and look for the html codes specifically for wordpress. i don’t know how you paste it on though. i haven’t used wordpress in years! i’m sure you’ll figure it out! =)

    1. on ch 07 last sunday midnight…but a dvd version would be better ofcourse. i know you’re a fan of them, i read your post when you attended the concert. i always read your post! =)

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