In TV, she appears to be a usual belter who can sing out her highest notes in the game show, the Singing Bee. I never expected she was so sweet in person. She’s slimmer too!

We spotted Frenchie Dy with her friends at the grocery in Landmark, Trinoma. And Tina asked our son Gabby to pose with the Star in a Million Champion for a photo-op and Frenchie gamely did it twice.

img_4566 img_4565

She even asked Tina, “Ate, patingin…” and my wife candidly showed the digicam to her while I looked at them from another section. The photos were taken at the cold cuts area, Tina said Frenchie was looking for some bacon =)

Just like our usual grocery shopping, Gabby volunteered to push the cart for us. I helped him ofcourse.


Care to bite USD 100 chocolates for less than PhP 21 each ?


My son didn’t care if it’s sundown or we’re inside the grocery, he still wore his shades for fashion’s sake.


We hit the counter earlier than Frenchie. And while walking from the cashier, we heard our son at the top of his voice saying, “Bye, Frenchie!” so we looked back and saw her smiling and shouted, “Bye, Gabby!”
It was so pleasant of Ms. Dy to remember my son’s name and yelled back nicely to bid goodbye.
And I just thought Frenchie is more than a good voice. You gained another fan, Ms. Dy!


2 thoughts on “SPOTTED

  1. ..really?! she’s sweet and slimer??…….hay i’ma big fan of ms. frenchie dy!!!!ang galing nya talaga and she’s so cute!!or i should say VERY CUTE!!

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