This one’s for the books :
I am with her all through out the process. I know what she’d been through; all her little & big sacrifices just to ace those exams. Actually, I’m honored to be one of her instructors during her review (applause, applause, lol). Her efforts yielded success. Finally, she’s now one step ahead & almost done with the requirements.

We received it yesterday delivered no less by UPS from Philadelphia.


My wife is now US Visa Screen Certified by ICHP/International Commission on Health Professions, a division of CGFNS / Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools. By being certified, she already met all the requirements of becoming a REGISTERED NURSE to USA and can now be petitioned by an employer who can deploy her to an American Hospital. It has been a tedious process from the beginning but what is important is she’s aiming for her goals and for that I’m very supportive of.

Anyone who claims that going through nursing or any medical profession is easy must be schizophrenic. No one can be certain about saving someonelse’s life or providing safety to the needy still lacks assurance. Most will tell you that the usual thing they’ll do is to do their best but everything is still in God’s will. True! The same goes with the process of registration to US. It may be difficult to jumpstart, some may face failure but heck, if you know where you’re heading & inspired & MOTIVATED & PREPARED to do it,
then somehow it’ll be easy (& FUN!).

I guess it’s probably God’s will that all of these things are happening now. There are natural signs that are really so apparent that even the constellations of stars are falling into right places, lol.
No, seriously, I’m happy that Tina’s efforts are beginning to be rewarded & recognized by the High Heavens. That my wife’s dreams & goals are beginning to become tangible. And we will be forever grateful to those people (you know who you are!) and to our families, who helped her & continuously extending support in any best way possible. May the good Lord bless us all always.

FYI, these things would’ve not been partly possible if not for
Allgen the Intelligent Review.
So for NURSES out there who would like to take the same path that my wife has trailed, try experiencing what Allgen has to offer…





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