I know it’s evil to binge on something sweet particularly at 12MN, but resistance is really futile if you have these two great treats from up north : strawberries & ube jam.

My parents came home from a much-needed vacation in Baguio and witnessed the annual flower festival called Panagbenga. We were also there last year & enjoyed four-days, three-nights at RP’s summer capital. But this year they went without kids & grandchildren but nevertheless they didn’t forget to bring home goodies as pasalubong

strawberries personally handpicked by the buyers (my folks) from the fields were brought in baskets…


I must say that a must-buy from Baguio City is always a bottle of Ube jam from Good Shepherd Convent, homemade by the nuns themselves. Its consistency & sweetness are just right, not too much, only enough to satisfy the taste buds. Simply delicious! You can’t stop scooping it once you tried it on loaf bread or just as is.


By purchasing Ube jam from Good Shepherd, the buyer gets to help the convent in sending students to college. How sweeter can it get?


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