We found a cool kiosk in Trinoma mall in Quezon City that personalizes anything from T-shirts, mags, letter pads, pins, mugs, coasters, mouse pads, invites, & magnets & keychains, call & gift cards.
It’s called It’s Personal! by Pamela Breece.



Tina & I had our calling cards done by this kiosk & we like it a lot! It’s hip & cute. It’s not the usual stiff & formal, old-fashioned info-cards. It’s priced at P95 per set of 20 pieces. I had three sets & she had one. We had our family icons printed on all of those call cards – it has Tina-Gabby-Gelo icons. The maximum icons per set are four; in excess, an extra fee of P30 per icon will be charged.
The process is simple since everything is coded in the computer :
1. Select a HEAD DESIGN (male or female).
2. Select a BODY DESIGN (male or female). We picked the one wearing scrubs to represent our profession. Both are in green scrubs suits with stethoscope around the necks with different colored footwears. cool!
3. Select an ACCESSORY(ies) / extra icon(s) -optional.
4. The staff will fill out the form & after an hour, voila, the personalized cute “something” is done.






Trinoma Mall, Quezon City
tel # (63-2) 572-3809


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