It has been 23 years since the world witnessed the efforts of Filipinos that exceeded great expectations.
I was only 9 years old then when resistance to power was demonstrated by nonviolent revolution in a national highway known as EDSA. I can vividly recall how we received the news from our place in Pasig, that EDSA was already filled with millions of people longing to embrace democracy & change.

These moments were really glorious… It made us all proud to be Pinoys.




But more than 2 decades after,
everything has evolved.
For the better?
LOL !!!
Now that’s a JOKE!

Where have all the flowers gone?

I think all of those kodak moments was put to waste.

Where are we heading next?
Uncertainties make me so sick, really.
I despise politics in my country.
Give me reasons to embrace it.


One thought on “VEINTE TRES

  1. really makes you proud that we witnessed history huh? even though we were still kids back then. too bad the idea of EDSA People Power and what it stood for seems to have lost its meaning in today’s society

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