One of our favorite, very affordable chinese resto is Le Ching Tea House in Greenhills. It’s well known for most hungry shoppers who look for quick & tasty meals particularly for Le Ching’s rice toppings. The ambiance isn’t best but the menu always satisfies our cravings for chicken mushroom rice (others like spareribs rice which is also good!), hakao (shrimp dumplings) with generous ingredients, and our very own favorite their shrimp cheong-fan but it’s only available in the morning in Le Ching and quite hard to find in other chinese resto except one in in Auckland, New Zealand when we where there, haven’t seen & tried it in HK (Can someone tell me wherelse can we find shrimp cheong-fan?, I’ll appreciate it, really.) Le Ching has another branch on the same site few steps away from its original resto, it’s called “Le Ching too” and another in Trinoma foodcourt. But our favorite is the original branch in Shoppesville, Greenhills.

Here’s our latest merienda in Le Ching Tea House in Shoppesville last 17 Feb… I had halo-halo congee, hakao & Tina had beef wanton noodle, bola-bola siopao hong-kong style…BTW, their food is greatest when you add some of their chili sauce + calamansi & soy sauce = yummy!


Le Ching Tea House
66-67 Level A, Shoppesville Arcade
Greenhills, San Juan City, Metro Manila

3 thoughts on “LE CHING TEA HOUSE

  1. One of our(w/ my gf) favorite chinese restaurant. They renovated the resto in greenhills. During those times, Le Ching is like an underground hidden restaurant lol.

    Lately, we discovered a new branch in trinoma’s foodcourt. =)

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