It was good that everyone in our family was off from work last Friday, 13Feb., so we all geared up for another worry-free weekend escapade. We were just at the Island Cove a week prior to our Fontana trip and as early as now, my mom is planning again to spend our Sunday next week out of town for another family gateaway. These are indeed a whole lot of blessings!

Around 9 in the morning last Friday, I bought Krispy Kreme doughnuts in a limited edition tin can for Tina. She liked it so much, the doughnuts ofcourse and the tin can for she is a collector of those types; even took a photo before she shared it with our family.


I & my wife Tina with our son Gabby were fetched by our whole family in a van to go to Clark Freeport, Pampanga and have an overnight stay at a villa in Fontana Leisure Parks & Casino. It was my first time in Fontana so I get extra excited to explore it and experience the fun of being with them again. My parents had been there already but that was almost a decade ago so they decided to go back and bring us there primarily to attend the 14th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta held annually (thanks to Capt. Joy Roa, organizer, host of a travel show Asian Air Safari at ANC which Tina & I like watching) usually every 2nd week of February so it falls on Valentine’s day. What a way to celebrate the day of hearts with everything that flies! (see my earlier blog about Hot Air Balloon Fiesta).

We joined our family at around 11AM, hit North Luzon Expressway (NLEX) and had quick lunch at our kids’ favorite fastfood : Jollibee. After munching on some chickenjoy & burgers, we headed straight to Fontana. Fontana is a 300 hectare leisure park located 80 km north of Manila. It’s a leisure park with villas where guests/members can enjoy amenities of homes; it also has a golf course, a water park, a casino and a lot more. We arrived at the reception area at around 2PM in time for the check-in sched. We were given villa # 4901 about 2 blocks from the main gate.




Gabby at the reception hall…


With his cousins : Kelly & KC…



Each villas in Fontana Leisure Park consists of 3 bedrooms with twin beds, 3 toilets & shower rooms, a comfortable living room with cable-ready TV, kitchen with fridge, sink with hot & cold water, and a dining area. It was comfortable enough, just like home away from home… Here’s a peak at our villa and its amenities…







After we checked in at our villa, we decided to have an early dinner and as we went out of our rooms, we
spotted a karitela a.k.a kalesa (horse-driven carriage) with white horse…my brother who’s actually a private aviator didn’t hide his excitement riding it and posing for the cam…



We hopped to our van and asked our driver to look for a chapel or a church first before we eat dinner for us to make 3 wishes.. We found Our Lady of Remedies Chapel near Fontana; were impressed with the serenity of the area and reminded me of churches’ structures abroad. (Clarkfield was a former US Air force base)




After seeing colorful hot air balloons took their flights in the clear Pampanga skies, we trooped to Fontana Water Park…


Fountains at the water factory inside water park…



The fontana water park WAVE POOL…


img_3975 img_3978



The blogger striking a pose for whatever…


Till our next trip!

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