There’s something about Grey’s Anatomy that’s addicting. It must be Ellen Pompeo’s eyes or (her character) Meredith’s quotes narrated at every start and end of each episode. It can also be due to Grey’s promiscuity or the drama itself behind a doctor’s profession. There may be few deviations on the medical & scientific aspects in the plot but I guess that’s part of entertainment. Bottomline is, I still like it. There was a time that I & my wife had a marathon of watching TV-series on DVD not only Grey’s Anatomy but our other favorites – Lost and Prison Break, until wee hours of the morning.

I was a bit surprised after reading a yahoo news a couple of days ago that T.R. Knight and Katherine Heigl will soon exit the show for undisclosed reasons. The two play main characters of Dr. George O’malley and Dr. Isobel “Izzie” Stevens. The news came from their co-star James Pickens Jr. who plays Dr. Richard Webber or the “Chief” of Seattle Grace Hospital in the show. It would be a major revision on the story line
once these 2 important casts leave the show. Will they also transfer to another ABC series, Private Practice, which is an apparent spin-off of Grey’s Anatomy where Kate Walsh also plays the same character of Dr. Addison Forbes Montgomery; remains to be seen on the next TV watching…






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One thought on “GREY’SFUL EXIT

  1. hi doc — im sure nanonood ka ng medical drama na to 🙂 pero like what i said i broke the habit long ago. siguro i got tired of them sleeping with each other, hehehe… anyway, ganun naman usually ang mga series, some stay and some move along. there are some series who were able to hold on to the orginal cast until the end like sex and the city, will and grace and friends.

    btw, sure you can add me to your blog link. i will too!

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