It was the schedule for us to claim our personally painted ceramic now glazed after 10 days at Color Me Mine in Shangri-la mall. As we were amazed how our own ceramic art of a small candle holder was turned into a little masterpiece after being subjected to an oven kiln and glazing, we decided again to paint another ceramic; this time a cross between a bowl and a plate, and sat for more than 3 hours doing color application with brushes. Here are photos of our 2nd attempt at being “pottery-inclined artists”…



We’ll get the glazed and baked finished product on February 21st, and I’ll try to post here the difference of before-and-after thing…For now, here’s the BEFORE photo…

That was Gabby’s right hand imprint…


Just prior to enjoying another ceramic painting, I brought Tina and Gabby to Sumo Sam japanese restaurant at the 6th level of Shangri-la mall for an early dinner. It was our 3rd time to eat there but nothing has changed since the 1st. What disappointed me was that I expected change of something from the menu, perhaps with the price to no avail. Or was it a plain and simple consequence for being headstrong to something?



Taste of the food was really OK except that I think the menu was atrociously expensive compared to others which serve similar plates. I guess most who have tried dining at Sumo Sam will agree that other jap resto is far comparable but this one’s quite pricey. We haven’t tried eating at John and Yoko at Greenbelt 5, it’s Sumo Sam’s sister company for it’s also partly-owned by Marvin Agustin (yup, Jolina’s former reel partner). Do we have enough reasons to try it one day? Will it be any different from Sumo Sam ? Or only an upscale version? Anyway, here are what we munched at Sumo Sam, Shangri-la mall…

California rolls : yummy with kani shreds but pricey at PhP 218.


Seafood Omelet Rice : I so like jap rice but Sumo Sam’s costly at PhP 228.


Chicken Teriyaki : tender yes, but limited slices at PhP 228.


Green Iced Teas; bottomless at PhP 98 each. (heard that John & Yoko’s has also a BLUE ICED TEA)…

And a generous scoop of Ube Ice Cream requested by Gabby; served with cherry & whipped cream of which price was nearly a pint at PhP 88.


So will you try to bring yourself to Sumo Sam just as I did, Not twice but thrice?!!!
On the second thought…


Thank you for your comments!

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