Last Friday, I and my wife, Tina decided to have dinner after work to finally try Bellini’s. This restaurant located in the subdued area of Marikina Shoe Expo in Cubao, Quezon City offers great authentic italian foods. One will disregard the location and the how-to-get-there once he/she gets to experience the reasons why Bellini’s is a word-of-mouth when it comes to sublime italian dining experience.

We’re both familiar with the resto since we already heard & read reviews about it, even watched a local movie shown in cable TV shot in Bellini’s itself.

Bellini’s ambience is really inviting and very homey. It has cozy interiors with murals and art works of what makes Italy and its key cities popular. And because the owner Mr. Roberto Bellini, married to a Filipina Ms. Maria Luisa, was a former Italian paparrazzo, most of his precious photos from his work are displayed on the walls which makes the place more interesting. I guess courtesy is the second skin of Bellini’s waiters for they have ready smiles to greet diners and very polite when taking orders and answering our querries.



We ordered a pasta called Bucatini all’Amatriciana, Bellini’s special pizza and 2 glasses of house iced tea. Tasting Bucatini all’Amatriciana was heavenly! I’m a fan of freshly cooked tomatoes and having it on thick strands of pasta was really something! The pizza was equally superb; its very thin crust and generous toppings made it really special. There was one funny moment when that Bellini’s special pizza was served to our table. The waiter also gave a medium-sized flask-like bottle of transparent semi-thick liquid with capsicum. Tina was clueless of what it was, so she asked the waiter if it was a bottle of vinegar and the server informed her that it’s a bottle of olive oil with capsicum – the Italian way of making pizza spicier. We were laughing at the moment and the waiter just commented that it happens all the time.  We’re both familiar with only tabasco or any bottled hot sauce or something in sachets.  Now we know more. LOL !

free breadsticks, house iced tea (PhP 50 each)…


Bucatini all’Amatriciana (PhP 250)…


Bellini’s Special Pizza (PhP 280)…



 We’ll surely be back in Bellini’s to try other food on the menu.

Note : the photos were blurry because we only used a mobile phone in taking pictures.

Bellini’s Italian Fast Food & Restaurant
Stall 68-69 Marikina Shoe Expo,
Gen. Romulo Ave., Cubao, Quezon City
Tel : (63-2) 913-2550
(do i get a discount on this, Mr. Roberto Bellini ?)


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