heater1The news about a Filipino machine operator in an engineering firm in Australia who was initially kicked out from his post created a stir. The issue : the 43-year-old Pinoy was seen last week by his foreman carrying a bottle of water to cleanse himself after an essential call of nature instead of using toilet papers. The news was written on papers and on the net and was shown here on TV Patrol World few nights ago. According to the engineering firm’s manager, the Pinoy employee should practice what Aussies do during toiletry visits in order not to impose serious health risks to others as he may leave toilet floor & cubicle splashed with contaminated water if he insist on his hygiene practice. Last thing I heard about it, the Pinoy received a letter from his company requiring him to go back to his work; Im not sure if it was a demand letter or a written apology.

Is there a need for a written/public apology from the company that prohibits someone from bringing TABO to the toilet? Was there really a violation or invasion of human rights & cultural beliefs? Should local activists be concerned with this more than other issues?

When in Rome, do what Romans do. True, we have to adapt to our environment but doesn’t mean we should allow ourselves to be dictated by other practices or submit to change our personal preferences.

I can surely live without a tabo..If I am in the shoes of Bernabe who was already warned about his toilet practice before the brouhaha about his issue, being a law abiding dude, I’ll be more than happy to comply with the company’s policy. Anyway alcohol-free baby wipes are more hygienic than tabo during you-know-when.. But not to be so primitive, i guess for other Pinoys, life is more comfortable with it. c”,)


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