Kung hei fat choi!  It’s Chinese New Year again!  

I’m a 100% Pinoy but sometimes I do wish to be born as a Tsinoy (Filipino-chinese).



I’m always fascinated with anything chinese; from oriental crafts to architecture,  to culture and yes, chinese FOOD!  I always tell my wife that I can probably live & thrive in Hong Kong and other parts of China because of my  “chinese inclinations”.  



2142460281_87ddae835d3I & my wife simply love eating chinese (besides italian & some jap) -from those steamed or fried dimsum & dumplings, noodles, szechuan and lemon chicken, sweet and sour whatever, thick richly flavored soups, to hopia and tikoy, black chinese jellies and other gustatory chinese cravings.  hmmm, makes me want to rush to a nearest favorite chinese resto…   My list of favorite local chinese eateries includes Mann Hann, Superbowl of China / Big Buddha, Flavors of China, Le Ching (in Greenhills & Trinoma; love their shrimp cheon fan that is to-die-for, LOL!).   I’ve also blogged before the cheapest chinese buffet in Tramway Garden Buffet located at Timog Ave, Q.C.   ( I & my wife’s next target is to taste the chinese delights from one of the cuisines offered in the buffet of Sprial in Sofitel Philippine Plaza which I heard is one of the best in the buffet around the metro).



I also like Chinese Astrology but did not become that religious fanatic of what the stars say about a day or the year ahead.  I remember growing up with my mom who used to scan her daily horoscope from the broadsheets and learning from her that being born on the year of the dragon and under the sign of virgo explains the reason why I’m a bit perfectionist at most things. Like my mom, I do not allow horoscope or anything from chinese astrology run my life nor depend on them solely.  It’s only as interesting as chinese cuisine.

My interest in anything chinese was noticeable during our wedding.  I’m not that superstitious but I knew then that choosing an 8th day as our wedding day won’t hurt for in fact chinese belief says that the number 8 means INFINITY.   So we selected the 1st month of the year and it’s 8th day 5 years ago as our anniversary date.  My wife & I had something oriental on the menu at the reception and had changed into chinese shirt & cheongsam before our 1st dance as an official couple.



      longevity, wealth, love & happines 

Tina & I also wish to build our dream house hopefully in the near future  in contemporary oriental / asian theme with those chinese lanterns all over and chopsticks and nice sets of porcelain in the cupboards.       sigh  (*o*)

5 thoughts on “UNLEASH the CHINESE in ME…

  1. Kung Hei Fat Choi Doc Gelo, Ms. Tina and of course Baby Gabby!

    Next time pag dumalaw kayo sa Ongpin, please visit Royal Garden Restaurant. Owned and managed by D’s Kung Fu Master Dr. Wan Changzheng from China.

    It is located in the corner of Padilla and Ongpin Streets. Best mooncake in the whole Chinatown. Best Dimsung. Hindi siya social tingnan but the food is definitely Maxim’s ang dating. And for me malinis ang pagkaluto.

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