We love Ayala Malls.  Since the day Tina and I started dating about eight years ago, Glorietta has been our favorite.  Tina admittedly, was never frequent goer to malls in Makati before she met me.  Then came Gabby who also made Glorietta, Greenbelt and TriNoma his play and stroll places.  He has been enjoying Timezone arcades and Starbucks frappuccinos in those malls since he learned to walk.  I realized that I accidentally made my family mall-rats like me.  Going to a mall has been an outlet for me to recharged and relax after a week-long work or during times of hassles.  What I like most about these Ayala malls beside being family-oriented environment is that they are eco-friendly too. Having trees and gardens in between their posh establishments made them unique at least here in Manila.  I have been to most of them including the one in Alabang and in Cebu but never to Bonifacio High Street and Serendra until a day before Tina turned 32. 


We had our lunch first at our favorite Dad’s, Saisaki, Kamayan’s Ultimate buffet in Glorietta.  Take a look at my first plate, it’ll make you salivate…

   I started heavily with assorted seafood kebab in pesto sauce, ham and lengua from Dad’s and tamago rolls and some yakisoba from Saisaki.. then ebi tempura and plate after plates, we heartily satisfied our gastronomic cravings.


Then we went window-shopping at Rustan’s, took a peak at the good-buys for the holidays, ofcourse we took pictures too for we are photo-addicts. 


And we decided to finally go to Bonifacio High Street and Serendra to see and experience the current “it” place that people talk about.  It was like Botany mall in Auckland, New Zealand where we used to stroll and enjoy for few weeks 3 years ago when we were there for a vacation.  Boni High Street and Serendra are not only made of food shops and boutiques but an expensive community in the middle of Taguig where few years back was just a vast land of cogon grass. Though most shops are of high-end, it’s a great place to have a morning or an afternoon stroll, where one can walk a dog, window-shop, or spend a good dinner.  








If my familiarity with some things serves me right, I think this emerald sculptured fountain in Serendra across Boni High Street is without a doubt one of Orlina’s glass masterpieces.



Then our mall-hopping won’t be complete without a cup of coffee and frappuccino from Starbucks. We had it at 3rd floor of Fullybooked before ending our day with a smile.


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