Two days ago, my mom suggested over the phone that Tina and I should try eating at Tramway Garden Buffet in Timog Avenue,  Quezon City.   Inspite of the fact that we’re on a tight budget these days, we still love to eat good food, and we live quite near the place so I decided to bring my family there.

Tramway Garden Buffet serves chinese food, around 14 of them I guess, includes dimsum, dumplings, fried chicken, some chinese-cooked veggies, sweet and sour pork, chinese-cooked fish, and others with two types of soups and a salad bar with fresh fruits and guinatan. They mixed Chinese with Filipino dishes even Japanese for they also serve California Maki beside their butchi.   

Advantage over other buffets : CHEAPEST at  P199/pax inclusive of VAT and no service charge. Sunday buffets are at a higher price of P300 plus for it includes Peking Duck, Roasted pork, shrimps & other seafoods.   

Disadvantages compared to other buffets : Since the buffet price is so cheap, the place is chaotic at dinner (they also serve lunch).   Smiles and courtesy of the staff are not as cheap as the buffet price.  I’m not sure if they’re so stressed out that night when we ate dinner but there should be no excuses for courtesy if one works in a restaurant or any other people-businesses where smiles to customers are mandatory.

Taste review :  I haven’t heard of any buffet cheaper than P199 but when it comes to taste,  I must admit my gastronomic craving was satisfied.  Taste of the entire buffet is good enough for its price, but it should be improved to be at par with the others.  

Tramway Garden Buffet is at #65 Timog Ave, Quezon City near the old Ozone Disco.


  1. i had an experience eating there as well, when i attended my bf’s family for dinner.
    i don’t think your experience is far from mine, when it comes to customer service and ambiance.
    It surely was chaotic,plus my eyes are not satisfied either with the tables/chairs they used. Food is good enough, nothing superb. 😀

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