Sunday, May 08, I, Ite & Gabby met Mommy, Daddy, Kei & Sheila & their kids, Joshua & KC at Mall of Asia. It was an advance-DAD’s day-eat-out for Michael, my pilot-brother might have flight schedule on the day we should celebrate our fatherhood with the Lolo of our kids.  We decided to take our lunch first at Mann Hann / Mannang before we explore again the huge mall. We ordered Lechon Macau, Yang Chow fried rice, their 1 liter iced tea from Mann Hann & Kare-kare & Sinigang na liempo from Mannang.  Food was great as always, but we were slightly pissed off with the poor service. Some of our orders were served terribly LATE. I and even my parents called the restaurant manager just to bring to his attention that we didnt receive our food on time and it was a big disappointment for us for we usually dine at their other branches, in Trinoma & Mega Mall. It was not even a crowded day nor an understaffed day for them to render us that type of service. Nevertheless, I can honestly say that my gastronomic craving was satisfied. 

Then we stroll along & went to the cinemas to buy tickets for The Chronicles of Narnia, Prince Caspian. Gabby with his cousins Joshua & KC  were excited to see the movie and so were we. The movie lived up with my expectation not to be a second best from its original.


After the movie, my nephew asked his Lola Tessie if we can have merienda at Starbucks. Ite & I tried the new Starbucks coffee blend of DARK MOCHA FRAPPUCCINO & I really like it a lot. Better than our favorite WHITE CHOCO MOCHA FRAP, better than Dulce de leche frappuccino, another Starbucks blend this summer. I am a self-confessed STARBUCKS addict. I mean, life wouldn’t be this fun without it (& some other favorite like ice cream, & neck ties from Marks & Spencer, hehe). 

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Our merienda also included slices of italian chocolate cake & chocolate dome cake also from the same store. I honestly know that a VENTI of Starbucks frappuccino has 550 calories  but ASSUMING you dont know that I am a doctor & my wife is a nurse, who of all people should advocate healthy eating, what the heck, WE ONLY LIVE ONCE ! And enjoying life, at least for me, is BEING with my FAMILY , sharing good LAUGH with them, & eating good food. YUMMY !

After our coffee break, we hurried to SM SCIENCE DISCOVERY CENTER also at Mall of Asia. And again, my son Gabby & his cousins had fun tinkering on bits & pieces of science from learning some things of human anatomy in GROSSOLOGY, to simulated computer section where we met some of the center’s mascots, to the planetarium where the voice of the narrator is that of Harisson Ford’s & the video about GALAXY & its creation is from NASA no less, to the center’s ROBOTICS section, & its deep sea area.

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Just before going home, we grabbed some pizza & lasagna for dinner. Yeah I know, another unhealthy meal for my family. But again, what’s important is we enjoyed an episode of our weekend to its fullest.


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