the BOOK according to DOC GELO

My wife suggested that I should write a book or more of a review guide material about Medical-Surgical Nursing since I am teaching that subject for more than 9 semesters now and has been connected with NCLEX review centers for more than a year now lecturing the same load. And ofcourse I know a bunch of contributors who can generously help me with this endeavor.

As a chinese proverb would say : In order to make your life productive, one should bear a son ( I already have one), plant a tree (that’s easy!) and write a book in his lifetime (that’s one to be fulfilled)… 

And so, I would like to ask people who are concern about their FEEDBACKS about this. I mean, will there be a market as early as now for this brilliant idea of my huge fan (referring to my wife) ? In other words, can you HONESTLY say that you will you be excited to buy a copy as soon as it’s out in the market ? JUST ASKING… hey, I’m dead serious about this.

If the movie Ratatouille quoted that "Anyone can COOK", well, it’s not that easy to WRITE. But the challenge will not be that difficult if everything will be feasible.

Seriously, I will appreciate posted comments here and on my profile.




PS : I and my wife already have a title for the book. YOUR OPINIONS COUNT A LOT. thanks again..


14 thoughts on “the BOOK according to DOC GELO

  1. Yeah, he’s right, I was the one who gave him the idea to write a book. I used to compose poems during my college years, I must say that I write good back then. This time it’s different. I will co-author my husband and we’re both excited about it.
    Go HONEY!

  2. hello doc gelo. when i received your text message about your plan in writing a book/reviewer, i suddenly thought “why not?” i mean, you and ma’am tina are two of the most reliable professors we’ve ever had. writing a good book is very hard, but i think yours will be worth a try because i know a lot of students/reviewers will benefit from it. and i think that the students you’ve handled (like us) would highly recommend your book to all those aspirants in the health/medical profession. i think this is such a long comment and to make this short — we will support your book (as long as we can get discounts, haha. kidding). i do hope that this can help you. good luck on your writing. God bless!

    additional: we (astro,nicole and the others from our class) think that you should go with this plan. just want you to know that we believe in you

  3. i believe thats a great idea!
    magandang contribution yan sa maga taong gustong pumasa ng boards..i personally would reccomend it to my friends and family taking up nursing etc..sabi ko nga sayo next your own review center..hehehe

  4. ok yan sir madami bibili yan,,recommend ko rin sa mga friend ko sa province namin,syempre bibili din ako sir.pero wag mahal sir ha,,mahal mo naman kaming mga students mo di ba? my discount para sa mga nagcomment,,hehehe,cgurado papasa kami nyan sir.gawa kana sir para magamit namin pagnagrereview na kami.U..

  5. sure doc gelo, ms. tina knows you much and your capabilities not just because she is your wife but because you truly deserve to write a book that will serve as your legacy for all of us. I know you can do it, God will pave the way…Marketing? well, I can help you po.gusto mo ako distribute dito sa mindanao? hahaha! god bless po and thank you so much for the friendship and the knowledge you have imparted to me…i hope i can give justice to it comes august!

  6. ayos po yan sir atleast maramdaman naman ng ibang estudyante kung gano kayo kagaling kahit sa book nyo lang mapamalas kasi and dami natatanong sakin kung magaling kayo magturo ang sinasabi ko nalang sa kanila kilala nyo ba si “TAGUBA” produkto ni Doc SANTOS un!!!
    natatameme nalang sila!!!
    endorse ko yan sa mga incoming 3rd/4th year basta post nyo nalang kung kailan ippublish!!!

    Sir salamat po sa lahat ng 2long nyo sakin lam ko po d ako deserving na pumasa sa unit nyo pero try ko pong maging deserving pag nagboards po ako dis incoming november… salamat po talaga sa lahat gudluck po sa inyo…

    hernandez BSN 4117

  7. Hi sir doc. Your plan of writing a book/reviewer was a great idea.I know and i’m sure that it will be a bestseller.In fact,i will be the first one to buy that book..Why not? you,re the greatest mentor i’ve EVER had..and will always be. i will support YOU for that matter sir.. GO DOC GELO..GO MAM TINA!

  8. hello doc gelo. its great that your lovely wife came up to an idea that you should have your own book and you should really be dead serious about it. Writing a book is an exciting venture because it would be a memorabilia for your greatness, it would showcase your talents and proficiency in whatever subject that you tackle. You have been the best mentor i have in SACI and there wouldn’t be any worry why your great idea wouldn’t sell. Keep enriching minds Doc Gelo as you have always been. Godbless! – ericson

  9. good idea, both approach malamang kakalabasan nyan, nurse na pang doctor?gets? im not saying na there will not be any market but mag circulate yan muna samin..syempre hehehe..and eventually maiingit sila kasi kami pasado kami sila hindi..hehehe..ok yan sir..

  10. yeah..i believe in ur skills and ur abilities Doc Gelo…i’m looking forward to buy a copy of your book….

    sana out na sya bago mag dec.board examination….hehehehe….
    GO Doc Gelo!!!!
    GOD BLESS po………

  11. That’s great. I admire your confidence and your wife’s dedication. In all the areas you have worked with, I believe in the high-quality of any endeavor you get into that you have made sure to be effective and influential. We would expect a terseness of the writing style and the possible humor that may trickle in unanticipated places aimed for the lay reader with the objective of entertaining with the usage of good narratives, informing with comprehensible updated details of surgical anatomy, procedures, and diseases, at the same time never going excessively long on any subject but always conveying enough to paint every aspect as vividly as possible. Not ‘dumbing down’ medical procedures or terms to the level of some American television series. I have liked the way you communicated with your students as equals, and recalling…you have looked at us and treated your lecture students as “colleagues.” I certainly would get a copy. Goodluck to you and your co-author, Doc Gelo. Godbless… Liza.

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