My 30-minute-Malaysian encounter

                      According to the jobsite where I posted my application,

           out of 248 applicants,  I am one of the 19 scheduled for an interview.

Exactly a week ago, during my class, I received an invitation for an interview through an overseas call directly from the HRD office of a medical/nursing I.T. university in Kuala Lumpur.  The employer also sent me email of the details of the interview.

I think I did my best in an interview with a dean of a Malaysian University yesterday in a hotel in Edsa, Mandaluyong.  I arrived at the venue an hour earlier than scheduled. My other co-applicants were already there when I arrived. I came in (overdressed?) black suit  & tie as the other interviewees were wearing polo shirts. I read in websites that provide tips on how to go-about-job interviews that POWER DRESSING is essential, that appearance counts a lot.

                         People do notice the details of our image.

The dress we wear in functions should speak of us before we say a word. The shoes that we wear should scream success and not failure. And the image we project say about our   Socioeconomic Status,  Educational Level & most importantly our Desirability.

When I informed the front desk officer of my presence, she immediately notified the employer.  In few minutes, the interviewer met us and he greeted me first with my name even without knowing how I look like (i didn’t provided them a photo in my resume i sent through email) and I was interviewed first rather than what was originally scheduled. 

I provided my interviewer a copy of my resume & credentials. He browsed it and began asking me questions about my work as a lecturer of Medical-Surgical Nursing.  I cannot say if I met his criteria, just like other interviewer, he remained expressionless and only smiled when the meeting was over. Before I left him, he asked me of my concerns with regards to the position I am applying. I asked him about the Malaysian medical/nursing education, work hours, salary compensation.  Then to break the ice just before ending the session with him, I politely asked the date of his arrival and departure of his trip to the country. I learned that he’s only here officially for the busniess trip, perhaps hardly no time for leisure to enjoy Manila, arrived the night before the interview scheduled for 2 days to accomodate Filipino applicants and he’ll go straight to INDIA after the 2-day-interview in the Philippines, to meet Indian applicants. 

                           And so I knew it – it was like ASIAN IDOL, (LOL !!!)

                          – It is tough to compete with local co-applicants, 

   TOUGHER it gets when I heard that the position is also opened to other foreigners.

I told my employer that it will be a great opportunity for me if I can be a part of their very diversed faculty composed of educators from Bangladesh and other neighboring countries. He adviced me to wait for a couple of weeks for by Monday next week, he’ll be back in Malaysia and report to their HRD office his top PICKS for the posts.

Whether I will get the position or not, I learned something from the experience and enjoyed the moment.  At least I knew that as young as I am, I can be competitive with the other people with the same interest. I know that if it is intended for me, it will be definitely mine. If it’s not, then I’ll try my luck with other opportunities, no harm in trying.


                                I  DON’T KNOW… NOTHING IS DEFINITE YET.

At least I came as the best dressed applicant for the part,  hehehehehe….


One thought on “My 30-minute-Malaysian encounter

    ACCORDING TO COLIN POWELL: There are no secrets to SUCCESS. It is the result of preparation, hard work, learning from failure.

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