ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL…

                                     MANY WERE CALLED BUT FEW WERE CHOSEN…

                                 These are also applicable in medical profession. 

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It’s a common knowledge that the Philippines has become a huge factory of NURSES for EXPORT. No less than the second highest official of the land encourages all Filipino High School graduates to take up and finish BS Nursing as their college course for them to get jobs abroad and for them to send their DOLLAR-REMITTANCES  to our third-world economy A.S.A.P. !!!  For as long as one knows his priorities, I honestly believe that there’s nothing wrong working abroad.  My wife and I are also wanting to work overseas. However, all of it, the WHOLE PROCESS IS NOT EASY. It starts on basic education.

To say that Nursing is DIFFICULT is an UNDERSTATEMENT.  It’s FAR from being SIMPLE.   

To  handle people’s lives is never easy. To study how to do it is painstakingly complex.

As an educator of so-called soon-to-be-nurses, I have observed that some of my students were just forced to take up Nursing by someone influential in their lives – either their parents or relative(s) who send them to school and support them.  As everyone knows, if we’re not enjoying whatever we’re doing, the outcome will always be NEGATIVE.  It’s so hard to do something if our INTEREST lies on something else. This should be a constant reminder to people who continuously convince their children to take up courses that they do not fancy. Because as I have stated, the outcome will always be FAILURE. 

For my students who are either in their 4th or 3rd year, taking up Medical-Surgical Nursing, I oftenly remind them that they should NOT stop wanting to reach for their goal since it’s too late for them to quit – they have gone far of their studies and stopping will be a premature failure. I always remind them that they have to :

                                       READ bookssssssss (read my lips : PLURAL ! )

                                                         enjoy studying,

                                        exert efforts to exceed their abilities,

                                                     challenge themselves,

                                                           be positive,

                                        always do some sacrifices for studies

                                      for the rewards will be great in the end.

This is the most satisfying part of my humble job. Though it’s not that financially rewarding compared to others, INSPIRING young minds to do more gives me the drive to live and enjoy my work daily.

NOTHING IS  ACHIEVED EASILY.  Even Manny Pacquiao prepares for all his fights. So it should be an iNSTINCT for all students & board reviewees to study wholeheartedly, ofcourse.

Nursing does not fit all. It’s not for all who just want a better life abroad. For those who cannot endure the demands of this course, you wont enjoy it. For those who are NOT DEDICATED to salvage people’s lives and understanding patients’ needs – you may be successful in other fields but not in Nursing.

      If I am not married to a nurse, perhaps just like my colleagues in the medical fields,

                                            I have also joined the league.





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