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A lot of gatherings happened with just the beginning of the year. Reunions keep our ties intact. And these made my first three weeks of 2008 unforgettable.  My dad-in-law came home from Missouri for the holidays last month, and my wife Ity, my son Gabby and my sis & bro-in-law spent time with him in Subic & Tagaytay. The day he left for the US was the first week of vacation of another relatives. My Tita Glo, Tito George & cousin Ann went home from L.A. to spent their break here and to celebrate with all of us, my Lola Tentay’s 88th birthday. It was only last night when I saw again my relatives on my paternal side almost complete at the dinner for my lola’s party. Just like any other birthday celebrations, it was a thanksgiving for the life she has been living, and for all the blessings our whole clan is receiving. All of my relatives were so happy to see my son Gabby so big & so healthy.

I also had reunions with my former students. The top 6 of Nursing Licensure Examination 2007 June who was my student for 2 semesters in Medical-Surgical Nursing visited me last week during my class. Aynne came to school with her classmate, Jeff who is also RN now.  Both of them asked me to sign recommendation letters as they complete requirements for their applications in various hospitals. Aynne also submitted a letter of reference to the school’s admin, stating she attributes her success with my humble contribution.  Five of her batchmates from other section (4211) also came for a visit to ask me if I can serve as their character reference as they hunt for jobs in local hospitals.  One of my reviewee in USGC-Ubelt Review Center (tel # 741-1584) also took efforts in seeing me during work just to thank me for she just passed NCLEX. Another surprise reunion for me happened only last Thursday, when two of my Batch 2006 students, RL and Susan also visited me just to show their gratefulness, for both of them are already NCLEX and IELTS passers. Those meetings keep me sane and serve as proofs that I am still doing something right somehow, in encouraging my nursing students to do more and exert efforts in their studies for the rewards will be great someday.

As I blog this, I and my wife & son are set to meet our friend Rob this afternoon (with another friend of 15 years LG) who always comes home for vacation every 3 months for a break from his paramedic work in mid east.

Whether simple or planned, it is an understatement to state that reunions enrich our lives with memories. With that, I’m rich in experience again this early time of the year.

Till my next gathering …


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