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On Tuesday,  September 18, I’ll be a year older. I will be 31 years old officially.  And I thought of blogging 31 things for me to be thankful of and grateful for.  I also included my favorites which are also part of my 3 decade-and-1-year-existence.   

And here’s my list…

(1) My 31 years of existence. Thank you Lord ! The Glory and Honors are Yours now and forever ! 

           Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

(2) My son Gabby, who’s almost 3 years old now, is healthy and happy. Gabby has been my inspiration for all my endeavors since his birth.

       030807_1412  Img_0215 Img_0025 Img_0207

(3) My wife Ite, who’s also my best friend for life and the only person who will be with me to love and care for me till I breathe my last.

                      Img_0029 183249877l Img_0321   

(4) My family.  Mommy Tessie, Daddy Benruh,  Lola Idang, my siblings – Kei and his family,  Mac and  JC…  I will not be who I am now without you.

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(5)  My friends.  People whom I shared common laughs and chit-chat since school days.  Friends from MCS, OLOPSS, Fatima College of Medicine and especially friends from FEU. Thank you for the memories and for the things we will still share later on…

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(6) My aunts, uncles and cousins here and abroad. 

(7) My in-laws. For accepting me in their family.  I will be forever grateful for everything.

(8) My wife’s relatives.

(9) My profession. I thank the Lord and my parents for the opportunity of studying BS BIOLOGY and MEDICINE.

(10) My work.  I’m happy and content in constantly encouraging young minds to do more especially in their studies.  It’s fulfilling to be INFLUENTIAL.    

(11) My students. For allowing themselves to be molded by my instructions, lectures and guidance.

(12) My Dad’s relatives abroad;  in the US and in New Zealand. Thank you for the time you spent with us and sharing your place to us. Till our next vacation or possible migration (?)

(13) Our household help.  My wife and I are not superheroes, so we need domestic assistance from them. Thank you for being honest, sincere to us and to your duties.

(14) My son’s godparents. Thank you for always being generous to Gabby, not only of  material things but especially whenever you spend time with us during his birthdays and other occassions, it really mean a lot to us.

(15) The people I am working with. 

(16)  My friends here in FRIENDSTER.    Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

(17) Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

      For expanding my social life through virtual networking.

(18) My favorite restaurants and fastfood chains.  STARBUCKS,  Dad’s, Saisaki, Kamayan in Glorietta, Superbowl of China in Gateway and other branches,  T.G.I.F.,   Flavors of China,  McDonald’s,  KFC, Cheesecake etc, Brownies Unlimited, Le Ching in Greenhills, Fruit Magic and Fruitas. Thank you for serving good food and drinks and for  satisfying my simple cravings and huge appetite.

           Image Hosted by Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Image Hosted by 

(19) My favorite malls and shops – Glorietta & Shangri-la. Marks and Spencer and Tie Line.

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(20) My favorite tiangges – Greenhills and Divisoria.

(21) Yahoo Mail. Thank you for giving your patrons free email accounts.

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(22) My son’s favorite place -TIMEZONE. Thank you for catering to kids and kids at heart.

(23) My favorite meatshop – MONTEREY – Anonas branch. Thank you for selling good meat, and giving good customer service.       

(24). My favorite food that never fails to keep me HAPPY and SANE – ICE CREAM!

                                                Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

(25) My favorite DIMSUMS and appetizers – HAKAO, Vietnamese Spring rolls, CALIFORNIA MAKI, EBI and KANI TEMPURA, BOLA-BOLA SIOPAO…Hmmm yummy !

(26) My neighbors who keep our community safe and quiet.   

(27) My credit cards. For the banks that are allowing me to frequently use plastics in doing purhcases, thank you !

(28) My favorite braodsheets every Sunday – Manila Bulletin, Philippine Star and Philippine Daily Inquirer, Thank you for informing us with the latest news and whathaveyou..

(29) My favorite gadgets and electrical things – TV, laptop, cellphone, DVD, radio. Life is inconvenient without these.

(30) For the people who find time to read my BLOG and view my friendster page, Thank you. I hope to receive more comments and testimonials from you.

(31) To everyone who has been and those who will still be part of my so-called LIFE, I will be forever GRATEFUL. Thank you so much !  And to myself…

                                                HAPPY BIRTHDAY !


2 thoughts on “THANK YOU !

  1. It’s never too late to greet someone a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
    I am happy for what you have achieved and what you have become.
    Cherish every Blessing and keep it coming.
    Continue to be a Blessing to others.
    My warmest personal regards to your beautiful family.

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