An ad in the newspaper says it’s okay to show a dirty finger during these days in the country and be proud of it. In our electoral process, it means one had already exercised the right to vote. I had my right index finger inked after casting my vote early this morning. In the few elections I have participated, this one’s fairly odd, in the sense that I completed the process fast and orderly which was not the case in the past. I did not see any people giving away leaflets, campaign materials on my way to the poll venue. It means, there will be less mess or garbage in the streets when the day’s activity is over. Polling precincts are not that crowded, everyone’s moves are in order. Less election-related violence in the news compared in the past. Traffic was absent, at least for today. These are just few EARLY observations. And hopefully these so called changes though little it may seem may mean that people are learning from the mistakes in the past.

Believing in the electoral process is still relative to any Pinoys. But for me, it’s always a privilege to have a DIRTY FINGER every election. It’s an exercise of human right provided by law.




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